Maandag, 09 Februarie 2015

SFI - Job description and How to do it.

1. You'll be Leading a team
Most people think: "Oh I can't do that. I have never been in that position. I can't control my own kids let alone some people I don't even know!!!"
The good news is : you don't have to control anything or anyone, but yourself. See yourself as a teacher. Teach what you have learned. Let your team know you are there for them at all times and they can rely on you.
2. Your Earnings
Many people are skeptic about online earnings. And they are mostly right because 90% of the companies ask your money to sign up, then put you through more expenses. At the end you spent more then you gain. What is different then at SFI?
A. Signing up to SFI is free.
B. It gives you a free training program and a sponsor to teach you.
C. SFI Gives you marketing tips and tricks as well as templates to work with!!
All for free. All you have to invest is your time to study them. Think of it as a crash course for advertising.

3. You might face bad times
Moral sometimes goes down, especially if bad things happened to you today . The Most important thing is: DO NOT SINK DOWN!! Don't be a victim and don't feel sorry for yourself. Feel sorry for those who are missing this kind of opportunities.  Nurture the good things in you and your life and you will get to the good days eventually. Life is made of ups and downs and so is any work/job/business.

 4. Have Patience
Patience is the key to any success.  "Rome wasn't built in a day ". A tree needs time to grow and bear fruit, a baby needs nine months to develop lungs so it can breath independently, you needed several years to finish school.
That's nature and life. We are trained by society to expect things to happen quickly, but that is NOT how natural things are happening. Sure, you can achieve something quickly and easy sometimes whether by luck or by meeting the right people, but it will be gone as fast as it came. It never lasts and is never stable.

 5. Stay Positive
Your most powerful weapon (or your worst enemy) = YOUR MIND. It's basically a computer and it delivers to you what you set it up to.  See it as a mirror. Whatever you present to it---> that is what you will see in the reflection. What do you do if you have dirt on your face? Do you wash the mirror or your face? It is so simple: If you want to change something in your life change yourself first. Change the way you think, lose the prejudices, re-evaluate your opinions, be open for new things and ideas, don't judge other people and change the negativity into positivity.


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