Donderdag, 23 April 2015

BUY online - a world of ease!

A Shop-a-holic's Dream - online shopping with TripleClicks offers MUCH more than you would normally find in an Online shop :

TRIPLECLICKS STATS : (23 April 2015)

88,354 Products (View latest)
3,931 ECAs (View newest ECAs)
125 ECAs in South Africa
148 Countries with ECAs

3,915,595 Members
203 Countries with Members

BELOW are a LIST of just a few of my Favourite ECA's.....

1. Lisa Obiora Wilfred
Lisa Obiora Wilfred (also known as DiamondLillie) offers products and services worldwide and at the best possible prices. Core products are fashion accessories (such as jewelry, make-up and hair products), clothing, gadgets, home and novelty products.
The product range consists of products selected by Lisa and reflects her personal style. A close relationship with reliable suppliers forms the base of the DiamondLillie business and together with an open communication line with the DiamondLillie customers has resulted in a growing customer base. Now Lisa is offering the same products to the Tripleclicks customers and invites them to join the DiamondLillie family.
Please note that we offer FREE regular airmail shipment on most of our products (delivery times may vary per country)

2. Magic Pro Design
Hello and warm welcome to all of our precious customers!
Our store brings you things you simply must have, whether you want to have nice detail for elegant night in restaurant or theater night, whether it is a casual evening with family and friends. Also you can find nice gadgets for sport, cell or computer accessories and soon we'll give some nice digital products of fine graphic art for your company and/or personal use.
We are open to suggestions as we are here for you!
Our satisfied customer is best charm to us so we are welcoming you to check on our listings!
As we care, you are here!

3. Tiptophealth
Thank you so much for taking time to visit my store. All products in my store have these qualities: Only the finest, carefully-screened ingredients have been used to make the product. The product is contaminant-free, and pure. The contents written on the label are actually in the product, and in the stated quantities.There’s nothing in the product that’s not on the label. The product maintains its potency for the whole of the shelf life printed on the container. 100% money-back quality guarantee. I look forward to being of service to you. Thank you very much!

4. Real Health and Wellness Products
Welcome to our Store ! We are a Mannatech Associates. Our website:

Mannatech’s goal is making products that will help maintain optimal health at the cellular level, thus improving your quality of life.

They have been developing products for over fifteen years that have helped millions live better lives. From health to weight and fitness to skin care, their proprietary products continue to make a difference. In fact, they have been issued more than 45 patents worldwide for the technology behind our Ambrotose® formulation.

Where wellness is concerned,quality and efficacy are the two most enduring factors in the minds of consumers. We honor this by designing the highest quality and most innovative products available

5. Working Retired
Working Retired is the brain child of a retired elementary school teacher, that hated sitting around the house doing nothing. So "Working Retired" was born. I'm offering a variety of gently used and new books for sale, and other household items. Keep watching for my new products added weekly

Support our Online Agents - you are not obliged to join SFI, but remain a Customer on TripleClicks for AMAZING SAVINGS.


Dinsdag, 21 April 2015


Do you shop online? Why not check out TripleClicks - an online store with Amazing products to choose from at Awesome prices.  GO TO :
TripleClicks Gateway:
AND Choose from:

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Woensdag, 15 April 2015

SHARING other Blogs to follow

As I promised a while ago - I'll share your Blog on my Blog.

This one is long overdue, (sorry  Annalize for the delay) But here it is:…nline-business/


Gone ..... No! I'm back!

Sorry for my "golden silence", all due to Laptop Crashing. But my wonderful brother came to my rescue ...... and I'm back!

SFI though did not come to a screeching halt like me.
It's EVENTFUL to say the least. LOTS of new exciting changes going on.

Just have to share what have been transpiring on my Online Business since I last posted a blog-post :
1. I received LOTS of new PSA's - I can't wait for all of them to Explore SFI and Grow their own residual income.

2. I won lots of TC, MRP, received a PRM (who became my PSA), Won another Auction - A KOSS BTS1 Bluetooth Speaker & 50 T-Credits for the AMAZING price of only $2.56

3. Learned a whole lot more about online internet business.

I'm soooo excited about SFI!
Can't wait for everyone to realize just how Amazing SFI is and best of all - you work your own hours.
Be your own Boss and get lots of Rewards.