Maandag, 09 Februarie 2015

10 Reasons : Why I chose SFI.

1. It's FREE to sign up.
2. My sister introduced me to SFI - she's my Sponsor. And she is important to me. If I can help her in any way, I'll do it.
3. I enjoy it.
4. 3 Years from now my oldest will be in Matric (and by then SFI will produce a Residual Income to me : If I stay committed) - and I HAVE to be Financially Strong by then.
5. I make new friends worldwide.
6. I love the Daly Competitions, (and Winning Prizes).
7. I receive Badges (Recognition) for every achievement.
8. I learn advertising campaigns and important business techniques daily.
9. I'm setting up my future to earn money without filling a boss/bosses pockets.
10. DID I mention : It's FREE!

I'm aiming high, but I WILL reap the rewards!

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