Vrydag, 13 Februarie 2015

Insane VS Genius

I am either Insane or a Genius!

Ever since I can remember I had to face demons because of:
A) Stupidity
B) Other people
C) Life's paths - laid out for me (to teach me lessons) or simply Me taking a wrong turn
D) Not knowing better

I've planned to change my life. I never want to look to another for money/support to exist and survive financially.

I'm putting myself out there, creating a different future for myself and my children. Hopefully I'll be at the top in 3 years time.
YES, I know 3 years might seem too long to many people that also have this idea in mind - but I've also learned :
 There is NO success scheme in life that turns you into a Millionaire overnight. (IF I'm WRONG and you can PROVE it : let me know ASAP)

That's why I'm committed to SFI! In 3 years I'll receive Residual Income : JUST WATCH ME!

"There's a fine line between genius and insanity,
I have erased this line" - Oscar Levant

"I'll take crazy over stupid any day" - Joss Whedon

"No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness" - Aristotle

IF YOU WANT TO JOIN MY TEAM: click here http://joinmy SFIteam.com/15414340

I'll see you at the Top!

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