Sondag, 01 Maart 2015

Aim High, DREAM BIG!

SFI's slogan : Aim High, Dream BIG! :
It applies to every detail, every event, every decision we have to make daily.

"Fortune favors the bold but abandons the timid"   - LATIN PROVERB

Everyone, everyday : has to live by rules of life, make decisions, handle small problems, climb huge obstacles, JUST normal Day-to-Day Life.

SOME choose : giving up hope, dragging themselves through life, barely surviving, depression, or worse : not caring anymore - losing theirselves, their passions, their dreams, their purpose.

You can choose : LIFE! Live it fully, Reach for the Stars and moon, Grab Opportunities, HOPE, Believe, AIM HIGHER, DREAM BIGGER!

CARPE DIEM : GRAB EVERY OPPORTUNITY and make it Work to your Advantage! Success is sure to follow you!

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