Donderdag, 05 Maart 2015

Quitting is not an Option



Today is just not my day!
Woke up feeling as if a Truck has run me over, the whole day I had to run around, do house chores (which I've done probably half), Kids and Husband still relies on Mom to do EVERYTHING.

A mother never has the excuse of feeling ill OR staying in bed rather than running around. UNLESS she ends up in Hospital with a SERIOUS DISEASE or ILLNESS.

 A Housewife NEVER EVER has an excuse of : 1. House being a mess or untidy. (What on earth did you DO today?)
                                                                             2. Washing not done (Tomorrow everyone's day will be ruined if one sock 
                                                                                   is missing or dirty)
                                                                             3. Dishes overflowing the sink (What else are we going to use for dinner
                                                                             4. NO DINNER served (3 Boys and a Husband sure won't be Impressed)
                                                                             5. Pets being taken care off (Can't face a Burial or the drama that
                                                                                      accompanies the burial; ever again)

As an alternative to Sleeping all day, I had to :  Work, Clean, Cook, Wash, Care for PETS, Drive kids to and from school,
Work my Internet-business (BTW : my phone is on silent now, I almost went CRAZY!!! INCOMING MESSAGES pouring in today of all days : WHY ON EARTH DOES THIS HAPPEN ONLY WHEN YOU"RE RUNNING AROUND WILD?)

BUT I PROCLAIM : I'm not Quitting my Internet-job!
It's my ONLY future Income that I must secure NOW! Or else.......
I'm History, Broke forever, Depressed, etc.
And this is not an option!
I'll keep on doing what I love!


When you feel like quitting…think about WHY you started!

NEVER underestimate what you are capable of.

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