Donderdag, 21 Mei 2015

Taking Risks - I'm Climbing the STEPS

It's a well-known fact. Everyone has a Fear for something.

I'm afraid to Take Risks, for example.

In a World where Scams rule, People stab you in the back, or even taking the leap of Faith only to be disappointed.....
 Everyone has experience this.

I've always been too trusting in my past experiences... and learned the hard way to FEAR new friendships, new jobs, Internet opportunities, etc.

BUT I'm glad that I took one more Risk recently.... even if there are days of doubt sneaking up on me, there's enough PROOF that I must stick it out.

What am I talking about......

SFI of course!!

It's a proven Success - just talk to every Affiliate that has stick it out : YOU must have Patience in Building your Business slowly and Steadily.
It's been 17 years in Business, The CEO Mr Gery Carson is actively involved daily... Is that not enough Prove : If a CEO of your Company is actively involved daily and is willing to help you grow.... that's a GREAT sign of SINCERITY.

I'm willing to steadily grow, and learning daily how to operate my Business. (In the Comfort of my own Home)

I'm Aiming Higher, I'm Dreaming Bigger daily.

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