Woensdag, 15 April 2015

Gone ..... No! I'm back!

Sorry for my "golden silence", all due to Laptop Crashing. But my wonderful brother came to my rescue ...... and I'm back!

SFI though did not come to a screeching halt like me.
It's EVENTFUL to say the least. LOTS of new exciting changes going on.

Just have to share what have been transpiring on my Online Business since I last posted a blog-post :
1. I received LOTS of new PSA's - I can't wait for all of them to Explore SFI and Grow their own residual income.

2. I won lots of TC, MRP, received a PRM (who became my PSA), Won another Auction - A KOSS BTS1 Bluetooth Speaker & 50 T-Credits for the AMAZING price of only $2.56

3. Learned a whole lot more about online internet business.

I'm soooo excited about SFI!
Can't wait for everyone to realize just how Amazing SFI is and best of all - you work your own hours.
Be your own Boss and get lots of Rewards.

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